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Our sites

The News Sites

Red Snapper Media has a vibrant team of reporters who produce original news stories and features. Our editorial content is posted throughout our network. Police Oracle and Work with Offenders are our news first platforms receiving over 130,000 monthly visits from news consumers. Our awarding winning editorial and commentary team cover and break news, publish features covering best practice, politics and comment, conduct interviews with leading figures in the sector and generate stories about the lighter side of the important jobs our audience do on a daily basis.

Work With Offenders

Work with offenders is a leading news, information and job site for the offender supervision and offender rehabilitation community. Our editorial team updates the news section with fresh, original and innovative news articles, features and comment on this important work community. The site is visited by every practitioner type which makes up the community from prison staff, rehabilitation health care professionals, probation professionals and the CJS business managers.

Police Oracle

PoliceOracle is the market leading one-stop online portal serving the the police and criminal justice sectors, primarily in UK but to a growing international audience (10% outside the UK). Up-to-the-minute news, analysis and best practice with a large and highly engaged audience who both read and contribute to the site, a lively job board and franchise section, education tab, features, interactive forum and a whole lot more…

The Job Sites

Red Snapper Media dominates the police and justice recruitment advertising landscape. Jobs are promoted throughout the network. The job ads on Police Oracle and Work with Offenders give employers the ability to promote their vacancies to an audience of police professionals digesting the news & promote to passive candidates. Our network of five job boards receives over 80,000 monthly unique visits from active job seekers. The job sites are configured to give advertisers access to the entire market and to allow more targeted advertising to particular skill set groups.

Blue Line Jobs

Blue Line Jobs is designed to support the recruitment of experts with established policing skill sets, whether they are sworn officers or specialist staff with ‘front line’ crime detection and prevention responsibilities.

Community Safety Jobs

This job site features a wide range of roles that are linked together by their aim of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. It serves the needs of the Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnerships, which includes local authorities, fire authorities, police services and housing associations.

Fraud Jobs

The Fraud Job Site is the only job site dedicated to the counter fraud work community. It is a members-only site that vets every candidate to ensure they have a proven work history in a counter fraud role. This ensures advertisers only receive ad response from job seekers who are highly relevant. We run the site in association with the Fraud Forum, which is the UK’s leading association of counter fraud professionals.

Investigation Jobs

Investigation jobs is both a news and service and a job site dedicated to the core specialist community, within the broader police and justice sector, of the criminal investigators. The site receives visits from the 10,000 + police officers whom hold the rank of detective and from trained criminal investigation officers from other agencies such as HMRC and the broader regulatory enforcement sector.

Intelligence Jobs

Intelligence Jobs is both a news service and job site dedicated to the key policing discipline of criminal intelligence gathering and dissemination. This community within a community do a distinct job and have a distinct identity and so are served by their own section on the Red Snapper Media network.

Police Product Insight

The leading digital magazine for technology, equipment & services to key decision makers serving the police and national security sectors. This bi-monthly digital magazine provides independent news, analysis and expert comment in the development, implementation and effective use of new & existing solutions. Our powerful digital format has the same layout, text, and advertisements as the previous print version. The digital format offers a magazine-like reading experience, but with many advantages possible only in digital format, including:-

Digital Advantages:

  • Automatic free delivery of every issue directly to over 35,000 key personnel via the Internet as soon as it is published, way before they would receive it through the regular mail.
  • The ability to read the magazine anytime, anywhere.
  • A hyper-linked table of contents takes the user directly to articles, features, and sections that are of most interest
  • Quick links to advertisers’ sites and additional editorial content on the web.
  • Keyword search that helps the user find a topic or name in seconds.
  • Paperless archiving. Access to back issues offers fast reference and easy storage which gives prolonged exposure to any advertising placed
  • User’s won’t miss a single article, photo or advertisement
  • Immediate access to features or special reports

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