Key Facts

Key Facts

Work With Offenders

  • 21,367 visits and 17,819 page views per month
  • The site receives over 56,078 monthly visits from offender management professionals
  • It is the largest audience of criminal justice, offender management and rehabilitation practitioners in the UK

Police Oracle

12 Month Statistics

  • 1.6 million visits
  • 729,669 unique visitors
  • 5.9 million page views

September 2014 Statistics

  • 113,751 Visits
  • 63,367 unique visitors
  • 394,040 page views

Blue Line Jobs

  • The site receives over 54,935 unique visits each month from police professionals and 145,421 page views per month.
  • Users with skill sets in investigation, enforcement, offender management, intelligence or crime analysis
  • The largest visitor base and registered audience of job seekers working in front-line crime operational roles
  • The first choice for many job seekers searching for frontline operational roles, so you can rely on us to promote your vacancy, without having to use print media as well.

Community Safety Jobs

  • 637 visits and 2,180 page views per month
  • It is the UK’s only job site that is entirely dedicated to community safety
  • We have a proven track record of increasing the quality of applications that our clients receive
  • Our site removes the need for expensive press advertising and allows you to fill roles for as little as £200

Investigation Jobs

September 2014 Statistics

  • 882 Visits
  • 724 unique visitors
  • 4325 page views

Intelligence Jobs

September 2014 Statistics

  • 69 Visits
  • 59 unique visitors
  • 259 page views

Police Product Insight

Every issue of the Police Product Insight Magazine is emailed directly to over 35,000 key personnel including:-

  • Police chiefs and senior management
  • Procurement personnel
  • Key specialists in:
  • Forensics
  • Counter Terrorism
  • ICT
  • SWAT
  • Public order
  • Traffic
  • Biometrics
  • Accessed worldwide

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