Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Specifications

Please ask for dimensions for custom adverts on editorial pages.

File format

  • PDF version 1.3 or higher. PDF files must be supplied as CMYK process only, without ICC profiles (No spot, RGB, LAB or solid pantone colours should be used).
  • Your PDF files must be supplied as single pages.
  • Pages must be created to include bleed when required.
  • Crop marks must be included to show trim marks. A 3mm offset is recommended for bleed.
  • Your PDF files must contain all images in high resolution, CMYK format and have all fonts embedded.
  • Avoid logos or images from websites, as the resolution will be 72dpi, i.e. too low for printing purposes.
  • Fonts should be PostScript type 1. We cannot guarantee that Opentype or MultipleMaster fonts will print correctly.
  • Your PDF files should be run through a flightchecking application before transmission to ensure file and colour integrity.
  • Content of digital files be verified before transmission, and all relevant graphics and fonts must be included. The file content remains the responsibility of the sender.
  • No finished artwork can be accepted as a Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Corel Draw, MS Publisher or PageMaker file.

PDF Pre-flight

  • The flightchecking application must ensure the following :-
  • PDF version 1.3 or higher
  • Image resolution 300 dpi (minimum)
  • All fonts embedded
  • CMYK colour
  • File names should include: Advertiser, Publication and Issue Date
  • A proof must be supplied of digital file submitted (i.e. the PDF), and should be 100% of final size. The proof being supplied must be generated from the PDF.
  • For colour – Cromlain or equivalent must be supplied.

For more information on our Advertising specifications please view our Media Pack here

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